The first lawn cut of the year...

16th April 2017

Your Lawn

The weather is starting to warm up;  About now you should be starting to see new growth on your lawn.  Winter has probably been cruel to your lawn, leaving bare patches and making it look unloved.

That first cut

Isn't it great starting to hear lawnmowers for the first time… a gentle reminder that summer is on its way.  But before you jump out of bed, grab a coffee and head to the shed.. take a few moments to ensure you get it right.

Make sure you set the cutting height at the highest setting. Too low and you risk giving it a scalp… this would make your lawn look awful for ages. Your first spring cut should be around 40mm high. You may not need to cut it again in April; this all depends on the weather. We tend to advise a cut once a week in Spring and twice a week in summer. Regular lawn cuts will help keep your lawn looking healthy.

Okay, now onto the dreaded moss!!

You may find a lot of moss at this time of year on your lawn. However now is the perfect time to deal with it. We tend to advise the use of a rake! It's a good workout and great for the environment!  Make sure you spend some time, and sweat, raking out the moss – try going in different directions to help move it. To prevent the moss from returning, you need to avoid compaction. This is easily done by spiking the lawn with a garden fork.

Don’t panic… your grass may look a little bare but now is the perfect time to seed.

Lawn Seed

Remember you always get what you pay for… look for good quality seed that suits your garden… There are lots of different types to choose from but its relatively straightforward. Think about the type of lawn you have – is it shady? Do you have children or pets?

You can also scatter topsoil mixed with a little compost over the areas you have seeded.

Three rules to remember – Don’t over sow; put a net over your newly seeded area if you have a lot of birds who visit your garden and water, water, water.

Now that’s done, sit back and enjoy!


Give your home kerb appeal

1st May 2017

First Impressions Count when Selling Your Home

Does your home have kerb appeal?   Sometimes you only get one chance to make a good first impression, and while you may be focusing on beautifying your indoors, the exterior of your property is just as important.

Make sure that first impression is a good one with Woodland Garden Solutions top ten handy garden tips.

A well-presented garden could mean you achieve a quicker sale and the best possible price for your house:

Tip 1 – Remove your rubbish

Don’t use your garden as a dumping ground for all the stuff you don’t want in your house; rusty radiators and old sofas are not an attractive start to the house viewing experience

Tip 2 – Keep your pathways, patios, decking clean and clear

You don’t want your prospective buyers stepping over weeds and ducking round shrubs when trying to see your outdoor space.  Give your patio and decking a good clean to make it a feature of your garden

Tip 3 – Keep your lawn well maintained

Healthy green grass is key to a great garden.  Make sure you keep the grass cut regularly, at least once a fortnight during the growing season. Use a lawn edger to create defines edges for a really professional finish.

Tip 4 – Maximise on space

Overgrown hedges and shrubs can really make your outdoor space look a lot smaller – keep those hedges and shrubs pruned.

Tip 5 – Add some colour

Think about purchasing a few pots or containers that have colour in them… There are lots of plants you can buy that create colour all year round.

Tip 6 - Weed

Clear the ground of any weeds… then keep it weed free by hoeing regularly and applying a thick layer of mulch.

Tip 7 – Bare Patches

If you have bare patches in your grass, invest in some good grass seed.   It’s not difficult to do and you will see new grass sprouting through in next to no time.

Tip 8 - Maintenance

Any wobbly fences or paving slabs should be fixed. Paint any tatty fences (you’ll be surprised the difference this makes).

Tip 9 – Light

Give any overgrown trees and shrubs a good prune so they don’t stop light coming through.

Tip 10 - Pets

If you have dogs or cats, then make sure you clear up after them (you know what we mean)… You don’t want prospective buyers stepping in anything not nice!

Good luck :-)